Wednesday, May 25, 2011



  Home can be denifined as a place where we live and receive protection and love from the family. Based on the defination above, I strongly agree that home is where the heart from is. Without home, Man can hardly survive in this world of challenges and hardships.
  Let me tell you a few reasons why I believe that home is where the heart is. Home based on love from the family and the family is a unit which consist of a father, mother and children. Every family member carrieshis or her responsibility and plays a role to build a warm home. As for the orphans *like me:) , they may regard the orphanage as their home, where they receive sufficient care and education from the nurses and tutors there.
  First and foremost, home is the place where love begins. I must say that love makes the world go around. Can you imagine a world without love? I can imagine such a world as simply satanic. At home,our parents constantly shower us with love and possion. With love and patience, they educate us into worthly useful men and women. With love, too, they will pinpoint and correct our mistakes, so that we will not end up crying over split milk.
  Besides, home is literally the safest place in a society filled with crimes. The moment you step into the gate of your house you will feel a sense of security and your family is always ready to protect you as much as possible. If you feel that home is a living hell, well, you are sure to change you mindset when you look at the homeless. How badly they are tormented or sold to the human-trafficking syndicates.
  I firmly believe in the pharese, "HOME SWEET HOME". Based on the above evidence, home indeed is the place where the heart belongs to. We are nobody without a home, and we cannot possibly grow into chantable and pleasant people in the world. We will not even understand the deep defination of love and huminity without a home as well. My heart will belong to this cosy, sweet little place now and forever.


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